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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions



We attempt to resolve all maintenance issues within 48 hours. Please note: emergency maintenance will be completed as quickly as possible. If you have any requests or specifications regarding your work order, please let us know and we will make the proper arrangements. If there is follow-up work that needs to be done in your unit, we will keep you up-to-date until your work order is completed.


Don't fret! All you need to do is submit a work order. You can do this by calling or emailing the leasing office, or submitting a maintenance request online through RentCafe by logging into your account. Still confused? Check out this video to see how.


No. If you are comfortable letting our maintenance team into your unit while you are not present, we will complete the request without you. If you are not comfortable with this, we will schedule a time to come in when you are home.



Rental payments can be made through your resident portal (RentCafe). Residents can make one-time payments or set up auto-pay by selecting the payment tab in RentCafe. Watch this video to learn how.


To opt into property text messages login to the RentCafe Resident Portal and click on your profile icon. Select Edit Profile and check the box for "Allow Text (SMS) Notifications". Enter your mobile number and then click Update Profile.


To view your lease information, login to the RentCafe Resident Portal and choose Lease Information from the menu. From there, select Lease Info from the drop down and then Review Lease to see completed lease and current terms. Watch this video to learn how.


To review your lease renewal options and sign for next year, login to the RentCafe Resident Portal and choose the pencil icon in the menu bar to view and sign documents. Choose the folder icon to view signed documents. Watch this video to learn how.



If you are locked out during office hours, call the onsite leasing office to get into your unit. If you are locked out after hours, call the emergency number 412-251-0385 and press 9. A team member will meet you on-site to let you into the building/unit. Additional fees are associated with after-hours lock outs.


All packages are delivered directly to the front door of your apartment building. The leasing office does not accept packages on behalf of residents at the leasing office.



To break your lease early, we require a lease break fee equal to one month's rent. After that fee is paid, we will begin to advertise and show your apartment. You will still be responsible to pay the monthly rent until the apartment is re-rented to a new resident or your current lease is fulfilled.


If you transfer from one Walnut Capital community to another, your security deposit will not transfer. You will be required to pay a new security deposit as it is a different apartment.


You are not permitted to sublet your apartment.



To review your lease renewal options and sign for next year, login to the RentCafe Resident Portal and choose the pencil icon in the menu bar to view and sign documents. Choose the folder icon to view signed documents.


Yes, all lease terms are 12 months.


Please provide written notice to the leasing office by the deadline (December 1st) that you will be vacating your apartment at the end of your lease.



We ask for a forwarding address when you drop off your keys at the end of your lease. We will then check your apartment and mail you all or part of your security deposit to the forwarding address on file.


Under Pennsylvania law, a landlord must return the tenant's security deposit within 30 days after the tenant has surrendered the rental property to the landlord (that is, returned the keys and vacated the property). If you are vacating early before your lease end date contact the leasing office.


You will receive a detailed checklist of all items that need to be checked, completed and cleaned. As per your lease, the unit must be returned into our possession as you received it upon move in less normal wear and tear. Carpet cleaning will always be deducted if applicable as outlined in your lease.


The security deposit is equal to one months rent.


No, unfortunately we cannot send checks out of the country. If you will no longer be in the US after vacating the apartment, please make arrangements with a friend or family member within the US who can take care of the return check for you.



Building quiet hours begin everyday at 10 PM.


If you live on McKee, the dumpsters are located in the parking lot behind the 308 and 310 buildings. The dumpsters for the lofts are located on Dimling Way, and the dumpsters for University Commons at Dawson St are located between the 3815 and 3821 buildings. Sunday-Thursday we offer trash valet (McKee only), where students can leave their trash outside of their apartment door by 7PM and we will pick it up. If you do not take advantage of trash valet or if its a day that valet is not offered, your trash must be brought to the dumpster. If you leave your trash anywhere other than the dumpster or outside your door during valet you will be charged $50 the first day and $50 for each additional day the trash is there. We do not offer recycling.


You may hang things on the wall as you see fit as long as all holes are patched prior to move out. We do not allow our residents to paint the walls.





Leasing begins as early as October depending on when we receive notice from our current residents.


Yes! you can join the waitlist here and get notified as apartments begin to become available.



Absolutely not! Feel free to schedule a tour free of charge anytime to come take a look at the property.


We prefer you make an appointment, but do accept walk-ins if the schedule permits. Walk-in appointments may only view vacant units as we provide our residents at least 24-hour notice if we will be showing their home. If you want to view a specific unit or floor plan, please make an appointment.


To schedule a tour to view the property in person, please call the leasing office at 412.251.0385 or email


Yes! You can schedule an appointment with one of our leasing agents and tour via facetime, skype, googlemeet, etc... We also have pictures and videos of many of our units to share!



Typically, it takes between 3 and 5 days to process your application.


You will pay a $50 application fee per person (including guarantors), a one time non refundable admin fee equal to $150, and a security deposit equal to one months rent prior to signing your lease.


We do not offer price reductions for signing a longer lease or paying upfront.


You can work with your leasing consultant and apply for an apartment by logging into RentCafe.



All utilities must be transferred into your name and you will be held responsible for any charges incurred from that date forward. A fifteen dollar ($15) vacant service fee will be charged to your residential account for the first month and a fifty dollar ($50) vacant service fee will be charged for any following occurrence. All utilities must continue to stay in your name until lease end date regardless if you move out early. Watch this video to learn how to set up your utilities.


Duquesne Light: 412-393-7100


People's Gas: 800-764-0111

Cable and Internet

Verizion Fios: 800-662-2215 Comcast


If you are moving into the Lofts or Commons, there will be spots blocked off on the street in front of our buildings for you to park your moving truck. If you are moving into a McKee building, we will block off spots on McKee or you can use the driveways in front of 256 and 316 McKee.


Yes. Walnut Capital requires all residents to obtain and maintain evidence of liability insurance throughout the term of your lease, including lease renewals. Prior to your move-in, you are required to purchase and maintain Renters Insurance with minimum liability coverage of at least $100,000. To get renters insurance, visit or call 1-800-566-1186 for insurance quotes and general information. Select the policy coverage option thats right for you. You and your community leasing office will receive instant notification of your policy purchase via e-mail. Watch this video to learn how to get renters insurance.


When applying for a unit after speaking with a leasing consultant, we can send you an invitation to register for your RentCafe account and apply for your desired unit. If applying for a unit or registering on your own, simply follow the prompts and instructions. If you need a registration code or any other information that you are unsure of, our Leasing Office will be happy to help! Please remember that ALL adult tenants and guarantors will need their own separate RentCafe account. It is very important that you utilize your own email address when creating accounts and applying, keeping in mind that other tenants will need to also create accounts and apply with their own email address.


The apartment will be patched & painted, carpets will be cleaned (if applicable), and the apartment itself will be professionally cleaned. All appliances, doors, locks, windows, HVAC, will be tested and repaired or replaced if needed.


You can pick up your keys at our leasing office located at 308 McKee Place, Pittsburgh, PA 15213.



Yes, we have an on-site maintenance team during normal office hours and an on-call crew available 24/7 for emergency maintenance.


Our on-site management team is available during normal office hours on weekdays. The leasing office is located at 308 McKee Place (Please use the door on the left side of the porch).



We offer studio, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom apartments.


We do not offer furnished apartments.


We do not offer short term leases.



No, we do not allow our residents to have pets in their apartment.



If there is parking available at your property and you are interested in leasing a spot, you can reach out to the leasing office and they will walk you through starting an application. It works the same way an application for an apartment does! You will sign the lease, and pay monthly through the RentCafe portal where you pay your rent.


Our lots on Dawson and McKee are both priced at $150/month.


Yes. You will receive a parking permit at key pick-up. Before parking your vehicle in a Walnut Capital garage or parking lot, make sure to display your assigned parking permit accordingly. The permit should hang from your rear view mirror with the parking information directed towards your front windshield. Displaying this permit will prevent your vehicle from being inappropriately towed or ticketed.


Unfortunately, your parking lease is an actual lease and the same lease break policies would still be applicable. If the property, however, is in need of parking spaces due to having limited parking or a waitlist for parking, the leasing office may be able to accommodate your request. Please contact your leasing office to inquire about property parking status or questions.



If you do not meet our income requirements of 3 times the monthly rent or your credit score and background check does not meet our minimum requirements, you will be required to have a guarantor/cosigner.


Your guarantor/cosigner will need to meet our income requirements of 5 times the monthly rent as well as meet the requirements of our credit and background check.


Yes, your guarantor/cosigner will pay an application fee of $50.


Unfortunately, due to our credit/background check that would be run on all guarantors and cosigners, all address and income information would need to be within the US.